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Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Amazing customer service. I had two wool rugs, and they’re delicate and hard to clean. They did an amazing job cleaning them. They answered all my questions as well and it was a great price. I am looking forward to using them again.
Cassie R



The Austin Area’s Soft Surface Cleaning Pros

Over time, your rugs, upholstery, and other cloth surfaces will all slowly begin to get dirty as time goes by. Exposure to dust, dirt, bacteria, and other debris from general use as well as contact with feet, clothes, pets, and plenty of other things can all lead to these surfaces becoming duller, dirtier, and more unsightly. If you’re looking for high-quality rug and upholstery cleaning solutions in Cedar Park, TX, Steam Doc is the name to call.

Soft surfaces need specialized care, and that’s exactly what we offer here at Steam Doc. We offer our customers a combination of the latest and greatest in professional cleaning tools and premium materials that are safe to use around pets and children but effective at removing dirt and grime. Plus, we are proudly staffed by a team of trained cleaning experts who can keep your cloth surfaces in great shape and looking their best! We go to these lengths because your satisfaction is our top priority!

Our Professional Rug Cleaning Process

One of the things that makes our team stand out here at Steam Doc is the unique, detail-oriented process we use when cleaning your rugs and other soft surfaces around your home. In many ways, our rug cleaning is similar to our carpet cleaning process. Because carpets and rugs alike can trap so much dirt and grime well beneath the surface, it’s important to have them deep-cleaned periodically to make sure they’re truly in the best condition.

The process utilizes a special machine that uses a combination of hot water and carpet detergents to get down into the deepest reaches of your rugs and remove the dust, dirt, and grime trapped down at the roots. The combination of hot water and detergents acts as a disinfectant as well, eliminating bacteria, allergens, and more. The machine also uses a powerful wet/dry vacuum to suck out the carpet and detergents as well as the dirt and grime they have loosened and lifted for a truly superior clean.

Reasons Why Your Upholstery Should Be Cleaned Regularly

Why should you have your rugs and upholstery cleaned regularly, as well as your carpets and other floors? Simple: because your upkeep and maintenance cleaning doesn’t take care of everything. Your vacuum cleaner may be great for picking up larger flecks of dirt and debris, but it only usually cleans what’s on the surface. That means you’re probably missing a number of factors that could be contributing to poor air quality.

Our rug cleaning process eliminates all of the following:

Cleaning your soft surfaces is also vital for your home. Clean carpets improves your overall health by eliminating germs and viruses, improving your indoor air quality to make breathing easier, and leaves you with a fresh smelling home that’s free from hidden odors!

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