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Grout Cleaning & Sealing

SteamDoc did an excellent job on my carpets and grout cleaning and sealing. Andrew and Charlotte were very professional. So was Paula who came by to give us an estimate. There was a scheduling issue where we kept getting pushed back which is why I couldn’t give them 5 stars, but otherwise they were great and I would consider using them again. Hopefully no scheduling issues next time.
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Making Tile Floors Look New in the Austin Area

Tile grout absorbs dirt and dust, becoming dull and dingy looking over time. The floor cleaning experts at Steam Doc can help make your floors look like new and keep the grout looking clean for longer with grout cleaning and sealing in Cedar Park and throughout the Austin area. We use high-quality, effective cleaning products, tools, and equipment to leave your floors looking like new.

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Efficient Grout Cleaning

Tile grout is a porous material, which collects dirt, spills, and debris. Regular mopping cannot reach the pores and crevices in grout lines. If your grout lines are discolored and stained, we offer grout cleaning and sealing in Cedar Park to restore the appearance of your floor.

Sealing the grout is the best way to keep your tile floors looking as sleek and clean as possible. Prior to sealing, it is important to have the grout thoroughly cleaned to remove accumulated dirt and stains.

The Grout Sealing Process

Grout sealant creates a protective barrier on the grout. This barrier can help prevent spills from being absorbed into the grout, making it easier to keep your floors looking clean. Steam Doc offers services to help restore the look of your grout and protect it from future staining. Choose from clear sealant to protect your grout or transform the look of your room with a color sealant.

Our Cedar Park grout cleaning and sealing services cover:

  • Tile floors
  • Walls
  • Tile countertops
  • Other tiled surfaces

We can evaluate the size of the space where grout restoration is needed, determine the condition of your tile and grout, explain the sealers that are available, and provide a free estimate for your home or business. You can get an estimate and book your service on our website or get in touch with us by telephone to speak with a floor cleaning expert and have your questions answered.

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