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Round Rock Tile Cleaning

My technician Lloyd did a fabulous job on my tile and my carpet. Took his time and made everything sparkle. He was very courteous and helpful. I would definitely use this company again and request Lloyd.
Francis P



Expert Service to Keep Your Home Clean

Whether you have a new or old house, a big space or small one, keeping your home clean is no easy task. From vacuuming to dusting to mopping, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a tidy space. Even if you clean regularly, you most likely don’t get down as deep and aren’t as thorough as you would like or as your place may require. That’s what Steam Doc is here for. We are a floor and tile cleaning company in Round Rock that will make sure your home sparkles.
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Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals

Many people believe that they can easily clean their tiles themselves. Though there are products and tools available to you, it’s not always as easy as you might think. For one, not all tiles are the same, so some need different cleaning products than others.

Trying to clean your own floor could potentially lead to damaging your tiles. Instead, trust the Round Rock tile cleaning team that has the experience and understanding of these processes. Steam Doc won’t let you down.

Our Round Rock Tile & Grout Cleaning Team Offers:
  • Advanced tools and technology
  • Premium cleaning products
  • Detailed cleaning methods
  • Free cleaning estimates

Additionally, cleaning the tile itself is much easier than cleaning the grout in between. This is where many stains and discolorations are found. The grout requires a different cleaning process that is tough on stains but easy on your floor. That’s why it’s best to leave this kind of cleaning to the pros.

Our Round Rock Grout Sealing Services

Steam Doc also provides grout sealing services to further protect both your tiles and the floor underneath them. Grout is similar to mortar and concrete and is used in between your tiles to hold them together. The sealing process will protect the grout from becoming discolored from food and other stains. It also helps ensure that water doesn’t seep into the tiles, which could lead to mold, bacteria, and other issues. Our Round Rock grout cleaning services are just another way we protect your floors and your home.

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Whether you need to clean a dirty tile floor or are searching for help with the grout connecting it all, you need more than just a quick wipe of a sponge or mop. Tile floors might be the hardest to clean, and stubborn stains need the attention of a professional cleaning team that has the tools and processes to restore them back to their original state. At Steam Doc, our experienced professional cleaners will get your floors back to the spotless state you always dream they could be in. Don’t keep putting it off, call us at (512) 501-2605 today!

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