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Leander Tile Cleaning

Ok so my floors had gotten pretty dirty, what with having 4 dogs and a child. They came out and quoted me a reasonable price to clean and seal my kitchen and dining room and said it would take 3 hours. Well, they ended up finishing right on target and my floors are now so pretty and clean. I can’t stop staring at them! Thank you all so much!
Meghan B



Home & Business Floor Cleaning Services

Your floors see a lot of traffic, which means they see a lot of dust, dirt, grime, and allergens. It’s important to keep them clean for a variety of reasons. For one, your floors are one of the first things someone notices when they come into your home or business. Secondly, not regularly maintaining your floors can lead to permanent damage. Steam Doc is here to help. We are a tile cleaning company in Leander that offers quality floor cleaning services at affordable prices. We’ll make sure your tile floor sparkles.
Ready to see your tile floors shine again? We’re ready to show you. Just give us a call at (512) 501-2605 to make an appointment for tile cleaning and grout sealing in Leander.

Our Skilled Professionals

In order to ensure the best clean, you need the best team. At Steam Doc, we offer professional cleaners who have extensive experience cleaning a variety of tiles.

Though it may seem like something you can do yourself, if you use the wrong products or methods, you could end up making the problem worse or even damaging your floor. Our team will assess your tiles and determine the best plan of action.

Our Leander Tile Cleaning Team Offers:
  • Advanced tools and technology
  • Industry-leading cleaning products
  • Same-day and after-hours service appointments
  • Free estimates

Expert Leander Grout Sealing Services

One of the toughest parts of cleaning tiles is the grout in between each piece. If you’ve spilled food or liquids on your floor, you may have noticed that it’s tougher to clean the grout than it is the tile itself. Steam Doc offers grout cleaning and sealing that will help prevent unsightly discoloration on your floor. When your grouts are sealed, they have a protective barrier that prevents them from absorbing liquids or other stains.

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You can book any of our services online or by calling (512) 501-2605 to set up an appointment. Same-day, after hours, and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

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