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Hutto Carpet Cleaning

Steam Doc did an excellent job cleaning my kitchen and bathroom tile. It looks brand new! I highly recommend their services.
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Restoring the Beauty & Cleanliness of Your Floors

Remember what your carpets looked like when you first moved into your house or right after you had them installed in your living room? If it’s hard to recall, it’s time to give Steam Doc a call! We are a professional carpet cleaning company in Hutto and the surrounding areas that will restore your floors to the fresh and clean state they were way back in the day.

Discover the difference deep carpet cleaning can make! Contact us today at 512-674-5353 to make an appointment for carpet cleaning in Hutto!

Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Solutions

No matter how hard you try to keep your floors clean, it’s hard to keep up with the everyday dirt, dust, grime, and germs that get tracked in from outside or from other rooms in your home. Vacuuming certainly can help get some of the surface debris, but in order to get deep down into the fibers where everything else gets trapped, you need to turn to the professionals. Steam Doc is here to help.

Our Hutto Carpet Cleaning Services Can Rid Your Floors Of:
  • Everyday dust and grime
  • Dirt and food tracked in from outside or other rooms
  • Allergens
  • Pet dander
  • Odors

Going Above & Beyond the Standard Clean

Many homeowners choose to save money and rent a carpet cleaning device from a store or rental service. Though these machines certainly do a better job than your everyday vacuum, they unfortunately are no match for the professional equipment that our Hutto carpet cleaning team has to offer.

We arrive at your home equipped with advanced, cutting-edge technology, products that are tough on dirt but easy on your carpets, and a team that has cleaned countless homes and knows exactly how to deliver the cleanest of cleans.

Our Tried & True Process

It’s important that the team you hire has a process that will rid your floors of all the dirt and allergens that can affect your health and your home’s cleanliness.

We Have A Three-Step Process That Will Ensure That:
  • Pre-treat – We’ll spray your carpets with a solution that will dissolve and get rid of dirt and spots. We’ll determine which solution to use based on the type of carpeting.
  • Clean – We have three different methods we’ll use to clean, depending on what kind of floor you have. Watch in awe as we restore your carpets to what they looked like on day one.
  • Neutralize – We’ll be sure to get rid of any residual cleaning products and residue so that you’re left with a fresh, soft, and beautiful like-new floor.

Leave the Cleaning to Us

We’ve heard from a lot of customers who have tried to clean stains and dirt out of their carpets and ended up making the problem worse or damaged their carpet. Instead of struggling with figuring out how to clean your own carpets, trust our Hutto floor cleaners. We know what processes and products to use depending on the carpet material. You’ll save money in the long run by avoiding having to fix or replace your carpet.

Contact Us for an Appointment

You can book any of our services online or by calling 512-674-5353 to set up an appointment. Same-day, after hours, and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

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