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Had a great result from a local company and thought I’d pass along. I sealed our grout when we bought the house nearly 4 years ago. Unknown to me, the damn Swiffer Wet Jet has destroyed what I painstakingly applied those years ago. Grout lines are very dark in the high traffic areas and no amount of scrubbing with various cleaners could fix the problem. Called Steam Doc Tile & Carpet Cleaners for an estimate. They have great Yelp reviews and Marcus is a super nice guy. They arrived to do the work, all tile was steamed clean, dried and several coats of a colored grout/sealer product were applied by hand. Scrubbed in with a brush, wiped off, then a finishing painters swipe. Product has a lifetime guarantee if taken care of and easy to touch up if needed. Came out great….feels like new floors all over again. Threw out the Swiffer to never cause this issue again. Marcus will tell you what products to use and they are not expensive or difficult to apply. Anyways, great company with great results….highly recommend.
Before and after pic attached.

Chris M.

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